• ReCUR Volume 8


    ReCUR 2020 Cover

    In Volume 8: 


    • How Talker Rhythm Affects Speech Understanding in Noise
      Sarah Dec, Audrey Drotos, Anusha Mamidipaka, and Paul Clancy


    • Robin Hood: Fact or Fiction
      Ben Raab

    • Sociodemographic Variables Associated to Anemia Among Agropastoral Mothers in Northern Kenya
      Emma Bignall, Nerli Paredes Ruvalcaba, and Masako Fujita

    • Lament for Aleppo
      Sameed Ahmed Khan

    • MSU Year of Global Africa 
      Camellia Landman

    • Fossilized Turtles: Missing Shells, Missing Ancestors, Many Techniques 
      Alena Bowman

    • Tomorrow 
      Dev Dayal 

    • A Plasmodium falciparum Aldolase ELISA Assay to Measure Total Parasite Load in Patients with Malaria
      Racheal Nassimbwa


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  • ReCUR Volume 7

    ReCUR 2017 Cover

    In Volume 7: 

    • Perches in Orchards Attract Two Beneficial Bird Species
      Emily Oja and Catherine Lindell

    • Influence of Hemodynamic Factors in the Assessment of Pulmonary Hypertension: An Image-Based, Computational Fluid Dynamics Study
      Nathan McLean, Jean Klochko-Bull, Byron Zambrano, Lik Chuan Lee, and Seugnik Baek

    • Bobby Sands and the Construction of Irish Republican Identity in Long Kesh Prison
      Brigid Kennedy

    • Mentors Make All the Difference
      Alan Lesgold

    • Parenting Styles and Child Language Development: Comparing U.S. and Chile
      Rachel Nelson and Simone Alhagri

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  • ReCUR Volume 6
    ReCUR 2016 Cover










    In Volume 6:

    • Sex Differences in Pubertally Added Cells in Rat Brains
      Susie Sonnenschein

    • Maternal Control in Infant Feeding Among Ethnically Diverse Low-income Mothers
      Kelly Kenyon and Mildred Horodynski

    • The China Experience
      Casey McDougall and Nancy DeJoy

    • The Art of Art
      Jack William Burk, Heather Hartmann, Sarah Hopkins, Deshaun Leonard, Alex Hennessy, and Spencer Taylor

    • The Effect of Mental Effort on Metabolism
      Kevin Michael Wheelock, Joshua Lawrence Starkey, and Erica Ariece Wehrwein

    • The Contribution of Childhood and Adult Abuse to Women Offenders’ Risk for Continued Substance Abuse
      Sarah Marie Hughes

    • Review: Can Environmental Fluctuations Affect Breeding Behavior in Fish?
      Anna Reh-Gingerich

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  • ReCUR Volume 5

    ReCUR 2015 Cover

    In Volume 5:

    • Feature: Student-Run Publication Breaks Boundaries
      Lauren Link and Casey McDougall

    • From Technical Assistant to Total Antagonist: Stanley Sheinbaum and Vietnam
      J. Andrew Stables

    • Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone: Stress, the Brain, and the Gut
      Andrew Mecca, Nadine El-Ayache, and James Galligan, PhD

    • The Effects of Prolonged Intense Exercise on Blood Glucose Metabolism in Healthy Individuals
      Brad Riedinger, Roy Small, and Erica Wehrwein

    • Beef, Cowboys, and Republicans: The Rugged Aaron Copland?
      Sarah Tomlinson

    • Novel Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide Pretreatment Enhances the Enzymatic Digestibility of Woody Biomass Substrates under Ambient Condition
      Charles H. Chen, Zhenglun Li, Eric L. Hegg, and David B. Hodge, PhD

    • Animism, Animals, and Agriculture: Animal Husbandry in Nineteenth Century Shaker Religious Practice
      Julia Johnson

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  • ReCUR Volume 4

    ReCUR 2013 Cover

    In Volume 4:

    • One Book One Community
      Craig Pearson

    • Reliability and Validity of Three Physical Activity Measurements during Pregnancy and Postpartum
      Deanna M. L. Phelan

    • Ways of (Not) Seeing: An Exploratory Study on the Influence of Genre on Memory Narratives
      Rebecca Sue Zantjer

    • Embedded Control System of a Tail-Assisted Running and Jumping Robot
      Tianyu Zhao

    • The Supplementary Motor Area as a Potential Neural Substrate of Beat Perception
      Prashanth Rajarajan, Courtney Cox, Florian Kagerer, and J. Devin McAuley

    • Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Biomass Fast Pyrolysis and Catalysis
      Kevin Andreassi, Shantanu Kelkar, and Christopher M. Saffron

    • The Effect of Language Background on Auditory Perception
      Neelima Wagley, Tuuli Morrill, and J. Devin McAuley

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  • ReCUR Volume 3

    ReCUR 2012 Cover

    In Volume 3:

    • Involving Undergraduate Students in Research
      Michael Thoennessen

    • One Book One Community
      Craig Pearson

    • Walking Backwards
      Craig Pearson

    • Michigan State University’s Involvement with the South Vietnamese Civil Guard
      Milan Douglas Griffes

    • Slithering in Space
      Aubrey Emiko Owada

    • African American Vernacular Dance
      Clara J. Balliet

    • Comparing Rich and Sparse Manipulatives in Narrative Comprehension in Second Graders
      Elizabeth Cook and Kelly Mix

    • Finding the Green
      Qinge Wu

    • A History of the Professorial Assistantship (PA) Program
      Craig Pearson

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  • ReCUR Volume 2, Issue 1

    ReCUR 2011 Cover

    In Volume 2, Issue 1:

    • After the Bed is Burned: Policy Analysis of Domestic Violence in Ingham County
      Angela Fox

    • Quietude Check
      Tyler Vander Maas

    • Welcome to an Even Quieter World
      Allison Szatkiewicz

    • Protective Factors and Behavorial Concerns in Head Start Children
      Erika Vivyan and John Carlson

    • A Poem Written For You Past My Bedtime
      Leila Chatti

    • Urban Gardening
      Makena Schultz

    • Enduring Policies, Changing Contexts: The Shifting Debate on Subsidy Legislation
      Genevieve Andress

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  • ReCUR Volume 1, Issue 2

    ReCUR December 2010 Cover

    In Volume 1, Issue 2:

    • The Elusive Significance of the Fart in Chaucer’s Summoner’s Tale
      Mark Kelly

    • Incorporating the MBTI® into Tutor Training Increases Client Satisfaction with the Writing Center
      Deanna Koenig and Trixie Smith

    • Greenhouses Winter Untitled
      Alexander Roeder

    • Transcript Profile of Hexose Transporters along the Horse Gastrointestinal Tract
      Nathanael Taylor, Rodrigo Manjarn, Adrienne Woodward, Susan Holcombe and Nathalie Trottier

    • Assessing Interactions and Play Inside and Outside the Music Classroom
      Denise Martaus

    • Assessing Wealth Inequality and Monetary Policy: An Analysis of the Effects of the Federal Funds Rate on the Distribution of Wealth
      Michael Watson and Elías Schecker Da Silva

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  • ReCUR Volume 1, Issue 1

    ReCUR May 2010 Cover

    In Volume 1, Issue 1:

    • The ABCs of Disordered Eating
      Hollyce Balentine

    • The Effects of Acid Sphingomyelinase Deficiency on Bone
      Sarah McKee, Lindsay Martin, Gloria Perez, and Laura R. McCabe

    • It’s the Journey
      Michelle R. Martinelli

    • “I’m an Art Major.” “...Oh.”
      Diana Busby

    • Finite Element Analysis of a Beetle’s Forewing
      Ashley Kulczycki and Seungik Baek

    • “I Am Still Like a Cat. No. A Kitty. A Cute, Cute Kitty.”
      Satpreet Kahlon

    • With your Thoughts
      Alex Kreger

    • Main-stream Lace
      Alexandra Ghaly

    • Incorporating Interdisciplinary Understanding for K-12 Students Using a Biomemetic Device
      Joshua T. Whitman, Stanley C. Hunley, Seungik Baek, Xiabo Tan and Drew Kim

    • Searching, a Documentary
      Nicholas Baker

    • Marred
      Christine Collins

    • Osteoblast Attachment and Growth on Novel TiAlNb Alloys
      Marc A. Schlaud, Robert J. Friederichs, Melissa J. Baumann and Carl J. Boehlert

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