• Who can submit to ReCUR?
    There are two groups who may submit work to ReCUR: Michigan State University Honors College students, and students who have presented at the University Undergraduate Research & Arts Forum (UURAF) within the past calendar year.
  • Can I submit to ReCUR after I’ve graduated?
    Students are eligible to submit to ReCUR as long as they have graduated within the past calendar year.
  • What types of submissions does ReCUR accept?
    ReCUR accepts the following types of submissions: original research or creative work (including plays, poetry, visual art, musical composition, short creative prose) and citations for the “Highlights of Undergraduate Research” section. ReCUR does not accept experiment designs or research proposals.
  • Does ReCUR only take single author publications?
    ReCUR accepts coauthored publications, including those with authors who do not meet our eligibility criteria, as long as the first author is a Michigan State University Honors College student or has presented at the University Undergraduate Research & Arts Forum (UURAF). If you have worked with a faculty member on your research, be sure to consult with him or her before submitting to ReCUR.
  • When will my submission appear in ReCUR?
    The rough timeline between submission of work to ReCUR and the publication of accepted pieces in the print version is about one year.
  • If I publish work in ReCUR, can I publish the same work elsewhere?
    Authors published in ReCUR retain the copyright to their work. Be sure, however, to check submission requirements before submitting elsewhere, as many publications do not accept work that has been previously published.
  • What are the benefits of publishing my work in ReCUR?
    Authors might consider including their ReCUR-published work in their professional portfolio, in a professional dossier, and/or in graduate school application materials. Authors should also consider listing their research presentations and publications, like pieces published in ReCUR, on their resumes.

    Publishing in a rigorously peer-reviewed journal such as ReCUR is evidence of skills that might include the ability to:
    • undertake, engage, and maintain a complex research or creative project
    • select research methods appropriate to specific research questions
    • perform a range of research-related tasks (e.g., preparing reviews of the literature, created bibliographies)
    • work collaboratively with other creative or research partners on a shared inquiry project or topic
    • effectively communicate research findings