The Red Cedar Undergraduate Research Journal (ReCUR) is an annual publication of the Michigan State University Honors College that highlights the diversity and quality of our students’ research and creative endeavors. In addition to providing students* an outlet for publication of their work, ReCUR offers students an opportunity to learn about publication in a scholarly journal from multiple viewpoints: as a submitter, a peer reviewer, or member of the Student Editorial Board or Editorial Staff. ReCUR also provides faculty, students, and alumni a forum for reflection and assessment of emerging areas of scholarly activity.

Each submission to ReCUR is carefully reviewed by the student’s faculty member before submission. Members of the Editorial Staff evaluate and assign submissions to members of the Faculty and Student Editorial Boards, who then identify appropriate faculty for peer review. Members of each Editorial Board further evaluate peer-reviewed and revised submissions to identify those of exceptional quality that are submitted to the Editorial Staff. Members of the Editorial Staff make the final decisions about publication in ReCUR. After acceptance, submitters work with the Editorial Staff to prepare their work for final publication. This process provides multiple opportunities for collaboration between students and faculty and ensures that each journal issue reflects the venerable scholarship of Michigan State University Honors College students. 

*Students eligible to submit to ReCUR must be in the Michigan State University Honors College or have participated in the University Undergraduate Research & Arts Forum (UURAF).